On-going areas of research

Pedestran Modeling - MoPeD

An international leader in the development of pedestrian demand modeling tools.

Electric Vehicles & the Environment

Examining the mobility patterns of people, places, & vehicles and their consequences for equity & enironment

Transportation & Land Development

Changing the way cities evaluate transportation impacts.


Working to improve the distribution of benefits and burdens of urban investments

Technology & the City

What changes are underway for cities & how can we plan for them

Data & Information

Mixed-method approaches to colleccting urban data

SUPER Lab in an interdisciplinary group that conducts research on the links between human behavior, technology, and the built, social, and natural environment. We are located at Portland State University in Portland, OR USA. SUPER Lab is led by Dr. Kelly J Clifton, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering.


Work hard. Play hard.

Kelly J. Clifton

Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Amanda Howell

Amanda Howell

Project Manager, MS Urban & Regional Planning

Jaime Orrego-Oñate

Jaime Orrego-Oñate

PhD Candidate Civil Engineering

Qin Zheng

Doctoral Student - TUM

Rosa Félix

Rosa Félix

Doctoral Student - Instituto Superior Tércnico

Edgar Bertini Ruas

MS Student Civil Engineering

David Soto Padín

David Soto Padín

MS Student Civil Engineering