Data & Information

We are developing and testing new (and old) approaches to collecting information about people and the goods, activities, transportation choices, and their social, environmental, and economic context. We embrace mix-method approaches (and theoretical perspectives) to understand the complexity of human interaction in the city.


Benchmarking Vehicle Miles Traveled – PI Clifton (Portland Bureau of Transportation, 2019-2020) – This project will develop a methodology to provide consistent measures of how Portland is progressing towards its climate and transportation performance goals.

NSF Sustainable Urban Systems “New Mobility, Cities and Data” Workshop Report – On July 15-16 2019, a diverse group of university researchers and community stakeholders from Columbus, Ohio and Portland, Oregon participated in a workshop to explore issues surrounding new mobility technologies, sustainable urban systems and data.

Developing Data, Models, and Tools to Enhance Transportation Equity – PI Amy Lubitow (National Instititute for Transportation and Communities)

Wider Dissemination of Household Travel Survey Data Using Geographical Perturbation Methods (Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium)


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