The transportation sector is rapidly changing due to changes in vehicle, communications, and sensor technology. Given these changes, how can universities develop these new technologies to address mobility, accessibility, energy, environmental, and equity issues?

Portland State has a newly established center to explore these very issues. The Digital City Testbed Center is here to create research and development partnerships with cities, firms, and non-profits to develop and test new technologies. Check for more updates soon.


Current or recent projects can be found below:

Driver Demographics, Electric Vehicle Ownership,  and Carbon Impacts Study – PI MacArthur (The PSU-BPS Climate Action Collaborative, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability & Institute for Sustainable Solutions)

Curb Appeal: How to value access to the curb to manage new and emerging modes (unfunded)

Refining GreenSTEP: Impacts of Vehicle Technologies and ITS/Operational Improvements on Travel Speed and Fuel Consumption Curves (Oregon Department of Transportation)

Publications & Presentations

Distinguished Transport Lecture Series on Planning for Pedestrians in an Automated and Connected Future.

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